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Sheet Music

Resources for use in liturgy

All That We Have  (offering response)
As We Journey Together (offering response)
Beyond  (prayer response)
Bless This Child  (Baptismal blessing)
Choral Amen (Closing/Blessing)
The Spirit Is Released (Memorial/Commendation)
Together We Pray (sung prayer, invocation or response)
We Go Into The World (anthem; Closing/Blessing)

Ordinary Time / Any Time

A Place At The Table  (Ordinary Time, Invocation, preparation for prayer)
Alleluia! Amen! (Ordinary Time)
Come Home (Any Time)
Coming Home To Humanity (Ordinary Time)
In Praise and Celebration (Any Time)
My Spirit Sings (Ordinary Time)
My Spirit Sings (Handbell Arrangement)
No Matter (Children's Song)
On The Rock We’ll Build Our Temple  (Ordinary Time or Anniversary)
To Find The Holy (Ordinary Time)
The Woman At The Well (Ordinary Time)
This is Our Story (Any Time)
You Are A Blessing  (Ordinary Time)
We All Belong  (Children’s song)
We Are Loved  (Children’s Song)
When We All Work Together (Any Time)
We Leave This Place (for any Sunday)

Hymns for the Church Year

Amazing Grace Through Darkness Shone (Good Friday, Easter Sunday)
Beyond  (Lent or Ordinary Time)
Born in Us Today (Christmas)
Good Friday (Good Friday)
Into The Garden (Lent)
It’s A Day Of Celebration (Palm Sunday)
Jesus’ Dream (Lent or Ordinary Time)
Magnificat (anthem version) (Advent)
Passover Feast (Lent)
The Cleansing Of The Temple  (Lent)
We Light A Candle  (Advent)
We Sing Hallelujah  (Easter  Sunday)
We Walk The Path Of Jesus (Lent)
When The Light Of Christ Ignited (Epiphany)

Other Products

Resource Book: Worship Ready - worship services along with additional liturgical resources
Song Book: This is Our Story, This is Our Song  (released 2017) - A musical collection of hymns, responses, and liturgical songs
Song Book:  Beyond the Darkness (released 2016) - Music for Lent and Easter (also includes narration for cantata)
Song Book: Singing Faith Today (released 2015) - A musical resource for an evolving christianity
CD: Beyond the Darkness, Good Friday Cantata by Christopher Bowman and Valerie Peyton Kingsbury with First United Church, Truro, Nova Scotia.
Workshops: Each one designed to meet your needs.

Product Review - Beyond The Darkness

"First United Church, Truro, is blessed to have the dynamic duo of Chris Bowman and Valerie Peyton Kingsbury. Their depth and creativity are well represented in their Good Friday cantata, Beyond the Darkness. The familiar story told from the perspective of Jesus’ mother draws one into the emotional impact of Jesus final days and the price paid for integrity and justice.

The music, composed by Chris, who also directed the impressive choir and sang a solos, flows with moving power. The story, created and narrated by Valerie, is poignant and penetrating; and she has the presence, voice and gravitas to make it real and alive. A worshipful and profound presentation."

(Rev.) Don Murray